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uTorrent not downloading torrents

Red Pheonix

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Basically utorrent isn't downloading. IT is the first time such an error happens. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it to v3.1. I restarted the computer and the router three times. I checked if my firewall was stopping any connections, but it wasn't. I changed the port, I also did the setup guide and nothing changed. It was working yesterday, what went wrong. If I knew how to upload a pic I would do that but I don't know how to do that either. However, I tried downloading the torrent film on a different computer it didn't work. So, the problem should originate from utorrent itself, the router, or the ISP. Now, can you help me pinpoint from where the problem is????

Eventually I identified the problem to be from the ISP, son of br*itches. I HATE THEM SO basically my ISP starts with one ISP in the mornign and then moves to another ISP in the afternoon. SO now it started working but it's at the peak hour so slow internet foe me. I HATE them.

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