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Utorrent 3.0 b.25570 x64 not closing after Exit


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I have Windows 7 x64

I have a problem with u torrent. Not always, sometimes. I close u torrent, i look in my router webgui under Unpn and i see: the two ports(UDP and TCP) are open! Then start Task Manager and see: Utorrent is still started!!!

This is longer observation(one and half months). Is not always possible, but try one of ten. After closing through Task Manager,start utorrent and close, after refreshing in Firefox, in WebGUI the open ports of my router are missing.

Sometimes i click a bittorrent file, and utorrent not open. I start Task Manager, close the one of two started utorrent, and than coming the questition for downloading. This is a big bug. I use a registred Windows 7 Professional x64 with all updates for now

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