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µTorrent 3.1.2 stable (26821)


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This is a quick release to solve a few peer banning and hashfail problems present in version 3.1. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

This version is based off 3.1 instead of 3.1.1. We will re-release 3.1.1 later with a higher version number.

Download the new version now!

Release highlights:

  • Fix: hashing issues
  • Fix: peers sending bad data were not being banned correctly
  • Fix: GUI refresh issues with torrents not updating correctly
  • Fix: auto-shutdown didn't work
  • Fix: rtorrent wouldn't load torrents created by us

For a list of feature changes and how to customize things they way you like, http://download.utorrent.com/help/Whats_New.pdf


-- 2012-03-06: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26821)

- Fix: Check existing files before start downloading the torrent added via magnet link

- Change: Error message when disk with torrent data unmounted

- Change: Alert user if they attempt to exit before all Plus features are installed

- Change: revert default view to detailed view

-- 2012-02-22: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26773)

- Fix: survey link click to dismiss mechanism

- Fix: fixed bug where multi-file torrents would not be copied to new volumes

-- 2012-02-21: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26763)

- Fix: Now playing node- Non-plus only allows hiding, Plus will stop movie when user hides it.

- Fix: disappearing RSS items

- Fix: fixed potential installer hang when there's no internet connection

-- 2012-02-16: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26753)

- Fix: fixed bug where sometimes active torrents would not inline in RSS feed view

- Fix: fixed GDI object leak when preparing to stream

-- 2012-02-15: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26749)

- Fix: fixed bug where adding a torrent from cmd line could overwrite the same torrent from resume.dat

-- 2012-02-14: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26746)

- Fix: a few more crashes with errored torrents

-- 2012-02-13: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26745)

- Fix: crashes with magnet links and errored torrents

- Fix: magnet links were added to the wrong categories

- Fix: magnet links showed up in torrent list before they were actually added

- Fix: Fix micro symbol in Tetris dialog

-- 2012-02-10: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26740)

- Fix: attempt to fix torrent list GUI issue

- Fix: Remove Plus features at uninstall time

- Fix: download translations works when the default language is selected

- Fix: fixed bug in Add torrent (choose save dir)

- Fix: torrent creation would sometimes create torrents with incorrectly ordered keys (fixes rtorrent)

- Fix: Create torrents with more than 65536 pieces and availability value error

- Fix: JSON encoding was incorrect in some cases, breaking the webui

-- 2012-02-07: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26729)

- Fix: string in comments wasn't translatable

- Fix: auto-hibernate and auto-standby left the client in a bad state when resuming

-- 2012-02-06: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26726)

- Feature: Add a dont-show-me-this-again check-box to virus warning and plus promo

- Fix: GUI refresh issue (torrents sometimes would not show up)

- Fix issues with torrent autoload dir (slow loading and reset when disabled).

- Fix: auto-shutdown quit the client instead of shutting down the system

- Fix: Don't delete settings when "Remove settings" in uninstall dialog is unchecked.

-- 2012-02-02: Version 3.1.2 stable (build 26710)

- Fix: Add torrent (choose save dir...)

-- 2012-02-01: Version 3.1.2 RC3 (build 26708)

- Fix: polish some text in a few dialogs

- Change: A/V icon in status bar behaves better when clicked on

- Change: report if plus apps fail to install

- Fix: more crashes

-- 2012-01-31: Version 3.1.2 RC2 (build 26705)

- Fix: set download location on magnet link would crash

- Fix: antivirus wouldn't scan/update properly sometimes (plus only)

- Fix: autoshutdown on completion

-- 2012-01-30: Version 3.1.2 RC1 (build 26702)

- Fix: various asserts (e.g. adding torrents with label, ratings)

- Fix: fixed DHT issue where uTorrent would return peers for non-existent torrents

- Fix: don't url encode urls of web seeds

-- 2012-01-26: Version 3.1.2 beta (build 26696)

- Fix: fixed issue where peers sending bad data wouldn't get banned

- Fix: False positive hash failures

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My previous post:

"3.1.1 beta (build 26674)

"Help->Send Beta Feedback" is not working (no action).

In Preferences "Apply" isn't activating when changing settings.

ut crashes when adding torrent with label."

Nothing changed for build 26696.

P.S. "In Preferences "Apply" isn't..." was noticed in "Preferences->Advanced". Not-a-bug ;)

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Hey guys,

utorrent freezes and becomes non-responsive indefinitely, I can only kill it from taskmanager, I've noticed this about 5 times already (since updated but unsure in which update it was introduced because only lately i've been getting new torrent downloads) but yeah im on 26696 (32bit) on win7 64bit

It seems to be related to disk caching, apparently if I disable all options on Options->Preferences->Advanced->Disk cache (litteraly none of those are ticked) then it worked fine for a night, when i came back i turned some on again, like these:


(but i also tried before with unticking all from disk read cache except Enable - with same freeze happening)

but then, after a while, it became non-responsive but I also noticed it had some 1.9gig memory allocated (in taskmanager) so maybe something related to disk caching leaking memory. This happens after downloading for a while (with 50mbps), but i notice that usually the memory is at a constant 100MB in taskmanager.

this is how it looks in taskmanager when it's non-responsive:


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Disable windows' caching.

alright, done, disabled both of those (it was at one time windows write cache disabled, but it still crashed then, but disk read was never disabled - though it was mostly downloading :D)

btw, do I need to restart utorrent ? to take effect ? also note that superfetch is disabled due to me using ssd as primary (does this mean windows caching is also disabled already, system-wide?)

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You may need to restart uT for those changes to take effect.

Alright thanks, I'll do it as soon as the 234GB torrent finishes rehashing, ... i would not have reported this but the time it takes to rehash this every time after "crash" is sort of unbearable :) on wdc green

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I'll do it as soon as the 234GB torrent finishes rehashing

How many pieces are in this huge torrent ?

14995 of 16.0MB (have 2192) - still hashing (66.3%)

EDIT: but if you're thinking that's probably an isolated incident and it's the torrent's fault, I can remember a few instances back when this "freeze" would occur and I'd have to kill it, but I let it go then because I didn't have much to download... but it was sometimes last year

EDIT2: i think that because I would mostly seed (rather than download) for the last x months, I didn't noticed this "freeze" issue, but I believe it existed since quite some time ago... - now, i may be wrong

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There was an issue with a limit of 64K max # of pieces, so I guess this does not apply here. Still, it might be related to this large torrent size here. They did have an issue they've supposedly fixed with >4GB files inside a torrent:

-- 2011-10-21: Version 3.1 beta (build 25835)

- Fix: Hang writing partfile for multifile torrent containing a file > 4GB

You might want to try with pref->advanced->diskio.use_partfile = false.

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There was an issue with a limit of 64K max # of pieces, so I guess this does not apply here. Still, it might be related to this large torrent size here. There did have an issue they've supposedly fixed with >4GB files inside a torrent:
-- 2011-10-21: Version 3.1 beta (build 25835)

- Fix: Hang writing partfile for multifile torrent containing a file > 4GB

You might want to try with pref->advanced->diskio.use_partfile = false.

Thank you, I have also set that to false now (waiting to restart utorrent soon, rehashing still 85%)

Also, there are 3 files in the huge torrent... :) though I usually download at least 8 gig files (that is, a file is >4GB usually) but there was quite some time since I last downloaded anything...

I'll report again when it freezes (if I don't report, then it didn't yet freeze :) but i'll still report when torrent finishes)

EDIT: rehashing took at least 47min

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You can also do a dump when it freezes: using task-manager->process->create-dump-file :)

cool! will do, meanwhile I'm stuck on exiting utorrent... I pressed Exit[EDIT: I mean, right click on systray icon, chose Exit] (at least) 7 mins ago[EDIT: 12mins now], and it's still in taskmanager using constant 6-7% cpu, i'm waiting on it to exit already :) The systray icon (and taskmanager window) are already gone though.


Should i wait more or kill it ? (i want to check if I set the option graceful shutdown, unsure yet, but it's probably off)

EDIT: i made dump after 12mins

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Let it close on its own.

but, what if it never closes? 15mins passed since (the memory used by it increased to 150mb or so, because I created a dump as rafi said, after 12mins passed)

EDIT: guys, after 25min :) i give up, here's screenie of it before kill (and after that crash dump at minute 12):


EDIT2: well that was a fail LOL, rehashing again after startup :) I guess it will rehash if the torrents were running in download mode (not seeding mode) and it got killed, ttyl in at least 50min

EDIT3: btw, in the spirit of being consistent I should prolly state the obvious here: the safest way to shutdown (a working) utorrent is to stop all downloading torrents and then do (ie. File->) Exit, then on startup start them again; else if utorrent doesn't properly exit and u need to kill it, it will rehash all those torrents that were in downloading-state

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