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Flushing to Disk - is there a problem??


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Using 3.3 with Win8

Torrents appear to complete download rapidly but then go into "flushing to disk" and the listed files/directories are not actually on the disk. What does "flushing to disk" mean, what is actually happening, and how do I stop it?

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"Flushing" is the "present particle" of the verb flush

Definition of flush

a sudden flow (as of water); also : a rinsing or cleansing with or as if with a flush of water

exchange "data" with "water"

So a fuller explanation of "flushing to disk" would be:

The action of transfering the data from the volatile memory cache to the static storage medium of the magnetic domains of the hard drive platters.

But of course searching the help system for "flushing" would have told you that and would have saved me from being patronising yet again.

and how do I stop it?
If you want the downloaded data on a drive, .... You don't.
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I am also having a similar issue Running 3.3.1 build 30003 32-bit on Windows 7 64 bit. Several other people seem to be having this issue as well, but without any resolution that I can discern.

Like post#3 at https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=746780#p746780 I experience:

-Torrent status will stuck at "flushing cache" indefinitely.

-uTorrent does not shut down when the application is closed. (Unrelated to minimizing to taskbar) Application window closes but process continues. Have to use task manager to end uTorrent in order to restart uTorrent.

- After restarting uTorrent, existing torrents download and flush properly.

I think this happens more after I wake from hibernation--but not certain on this yet.



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I'm also getting this problem. Until recently I used 2.2 with no issues but was forced to upgrade after getting a Windows 8 machine. This is a pretty fundamental bug that needs to be fixed - none of the 'solutions' offered help, and suggestions of force re-checking are fine for public torrents but not constructive where ratio is an issue.

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