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3.1.2 build 26729 32bit - Show Detailed Info Menu Option not working


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The "show detailed info" option in the "Options" menu doesn't work correctly. If you manually press the key F5 it works and toggles the bar on and off, but if you use the option in the menu it won't hide the detailed info bar. At first I thought that was intended for some weird reason, but then pressing they key on the keyboard hid the bar as it is obviously supposed to.

Using 3.1.2 build 26729 32bit.

Thanks for your time.

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Odd, just tried it myself using "stable 3.1.2 build 26729" on Vista 32bit and i get same results using F5 key as using Options|Show Detailed Info menu item.

I don't doubt you are experiencing what you've reported but I am not experiencing the same so it is not reporoducable on my system at this time, and the code to toggle the pane must be there for it to work on mine in the same build, if developers cannot reproduce it they will not be able to resolve it so please make sure you PC is not suffering some kind of soft-crash induced by resource depletion from extended up time, try doing a complete reboot of your system and see if the menu option still fails to work, then with your next post reporting the results please provide details of Operating system, CPU model, installed RAM, installed video chipset etc basically as much technical detals about your PC as you are comfortable posting as mentioned in this sections sticky post on how to submit bug reports. That will assist in tracking down what may have caused it if it was not just resource depletion from extended up time.



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