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Select Torrents aren't connecting to peers


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I'm pretty sure the torrents that I'm looking at are being seeded from Europe mostly, although some are US based as well. Most of my torrents are normally fine but I've been on a kick recently that has me getting a lot of torrents from German sites. I assumed speed would be a factor but that doesn't seem to be my problem. I'm hitting around 200 kb/s down.

Connection speed is:

32.13 mb/s down

6.3 mb/s up

25 ms ping

I usually download torrents at a steady 3 mb/s down.

The trouble isn't related to speed as much as it is connecting to peers and seeds. Is there any way to improve the reliability of connecting to foreign based peers? I've tried proxies with only limited success. Is this a fairly common problem with oversea torrents?

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