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Can't exit video player


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I clicked the "play" button, and the video started playing inside utorrent.

It fills all of utorrent, and there is absolutely no way to get out of the player and see my torrents again.

I had to quit utorrent, and start it again.

Sorry for your trouble. This is likely because you have the left-hand navigation hidden (F7) at the time you press play. The work-around for now is to press escape when you're in that full-screen state. Or, enable the left-hand nav before you play a video. Also, you can always double-click the torrent you want to play, which takes you to the containing folder (like "always") and then you can choose to play through any media player on your system.

Meanwhile, we're going to create a solution for this. THANKS for the info. Let me know if what I've said is NOT accurate to your situation.



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Thanks, bigfalls!

Your reply showed me the workaround without me needing to close utorrent, namely, hitting F7 to show the left menu (yes, mine was hidden as well, spifkitten99) and then clicking on one of the categories to go back to the torrent window :)

I love a good forum...


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