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Help with dowload problems if possible please?


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I have been using utorrent for a little while and I usually have to either open it myself or it aitomatically opens when I choose to download a film or a tv episode, however when I logged on this morning I had a message pop up before I had even opened my browser stating that there was a download available to update my utorrent program, I allowed to download and carried on using my laptop.

After a little while my utorrent opened by itself and I was presented with the following message:

uT toolbar Client has requested access to uTorrent.

Do you want to allow access?

If you did not initiate this request, press NO.

(I am offered both YES and NO options)

So, I press NO and the above message goes away and I am left with my normal uTorrent window with my tv episodes on etc, however when I then close this window down, a few minutes later the utorrent window opens again and I get the same message as above again, so I say NO and close my uTorrent window but the whole thing happens again a few minutes later :/

I am pretty 'uneducated' with these sorts of things and really dont have a clue what this means, if I have done something wrong or what I need to do to sort it out and I wondered if someone might be able to help me understand it and sort it please?

Thanks for your help.


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It sounds like your browser is trying to sync with uTorrent. I'm not sure the exact reason for this bug but lets try uninstalling utorrentbar from your browser.

Internet Explorer

From Windows 7

Select Start > select Control Panel > select Uninstall a program > select utorrentbar


Select Firefox menu > select Add-ons > select Extensions > select Remove for utorrentbar


Right click on µTorrent logo in the extension area (right of the address bar) > select Uninstall

Hopefully that helps.

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