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Disk overload and CPU usage.


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Recently I've been having problems that I never had before with Utorrent using up alot of CPU Usage and the disk overload % rising which never happened in the past. I was off my laptop for awhile due to my charger breaking. So I went out and bought a rocketfish which works great. However it's like my laptop hasn't run the same before my charger broke. Firefox and Utorrent are using up so much CPU usage that was never a problem before.

I mean it's like when I was not using my laptop something happened to it. I did install a few things AVG Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes but I believe the reason I installed them was because I noticed my computer freezing up. I mean I could do a clean reset of factory settings so my laptops brand new again it's just I don't feel like it as there's not much installed on it anyway. I ran scans for malware, virusus the only thing I haven't ran for is spyware. I updated some drivers (all updates were after problems showed up).

Another thing I messed around with was window media center so I could run it on my xbox 360 but I think even before that I was having problems with my computer getting locked up etc...

So what are somethings I can do to stop programs from using up so much CPU Usage? The two main programs I'm noticing high CPU usage with are Firefox 10 and Utorrent 3 I believe is the current version. Yes I tried turning off my Anti-Virus and Malwarebytes and it did help a little but didn't elimanate the problem completely. Another thing that was changed was are internet service speed we upgraded to 3Mbps (I know it's slow but I don't pay the bills so I'm stuck with it). So do you guys have any recommendations as to what to do to help decrease the use of CPU usage when running Uttorent? :D

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