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3.1.2 downloads gone from list


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They're all back. Thnaks alot!

However, some torrents, presumably those that were gone, are marked as "cant open .torrent file"

Back in the days :)

it was okay to delete .torrents coz they flooded my downloads folder, still everything worked; now it's ging to be this only way with *.torrent required?

Also when I apply a label to torrent in the dialog window where you set location and stuff, the program crashes

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I sometimes use utorrent in portable mode, and both for this latest one 3.1.2 b26740 as well as the previous auto upgrade to stable (dunno which build) all torrents handled by utorrent went away. I have used .\torrents as folder for torrent files and that have worked well for some years until now. It's awfully messy to have torrent files in utorrents working directory. Storing downloaded files in relative folders have never worked, as utorrent weren't able to handle device letter changes. Working better in portable mode and handling relative paths is something I'd love to see utorrent be good at.

edit: Ok, now it doesn's pay any respect at all to relative paths... when I just restarted, without any device letter change, all torrents are missing again... :(

edit2: Oh fk. Even with default settings torrents are not saved. Off I go to the bugs section.

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