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Increasing Seeds on Personal Torrent


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I have a friend that I am trying to help promote his music over bittorrent and I am running multiple instances of uTorrent with the recover option, on different ports, using same IP address but the (open) tracker doesn't register all but a few of them (not actually sure how many seeders are actually me).

1) How does a tracker like openbittorrent count the seeds in a swarm?

2) Is there a setting for uTorrent that will individualize each client?

3) Do I need to have each uTorrent instance on a different IP to have them register as +1 seed?

Kudos to anyone that can help me out! I practically pulling my hair out here. :P



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Thanks for your reply.

1) Each uTorrent instance has access to the files and is opened to incoming connections. They announce via DHT and the tracker.

2) Not sure if that tracker has a way to distinguish each client. I remember when I put multiple uTorrent's on a server for friends and there wasn't any issues with each client running on the same IP - not sure if this was because they were downloading different torrents or the torrents were announcing on hashkeys.

3) I would rather not have to resort to seed spoofing. I would to be able to distribute these files with making it a pain on the peers.

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