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New useless bar in uTorrent 3.1.2


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I just upgraded today, and noticed that there is a useless, large, annoying, and permanent bar at the bottom of the window to indicate that the "Detailed Info" pane is minimized. I have it minimized because I never use it... why would I want a huge bar there to remind me that it's minimized? I know you're probably thinking, "c'mon, it's not THAT big... it's only 30 pixels." However, I like to keep the window as small as possible, only keeping it wide enough to show currently downloading torrents (which is often 0, but I keep the program open so I can monitor the DL/UL rates. Can the next update include the ability to remove this superfluous bar?


EDIT: Not sure how I did it, but after messing around in the advanced settings, and clicking the clunky button within said bar, it disappeared. Sooo... thanks anyway.

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