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Radical speed loss after limiting general Upload/Download speed.


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I don't know if this has been discussed before, or even if this is the appropriate location. But here we go!!!

I made the mistake to accept the update to version 3.1.2, coming from 2.xx.xx (can't remember which one).

I'm able to upload at around 170K. In version 2.xx.xx, in order to be able to use the internet, I limit the general upload speed to 150K to 130K, and then the speed permanently stays around that value, as it should be. But with version 3.1.2, whatever the speed limite I choose, upload speed drops below 90K when I specifically set it at 150K. As soon as I deactivate the limite, speed goes full again.

The same happens to downloads... at least it seems that it is...

I have not even tested the problem with limiting individual torrents.

Is it a bug? A new radical upload/download speed management feature? Or is there something I'm doing wrong, perhaps a new 3.1.2 setting wrongly activated?

Does anyone have this problem?



Change the colors of 3.1.2 to a more vivid ones, like in version 2.xx.xx. This ones drives me to sleep.

Or there is an option / way to change them?

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