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How to get old torrents to seed from new computer??? Help!

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Hey guys, new here but have been doing the torrent thing for about a year on GFT, IPT, TL, waffles, AO, BTN, PTP, and Dem. Anyways, I got a new laptop and downloaded a new version of Utorrent but cant seem to get them to seed for me unless I redownload the .torrent again and put it in with the old file. FWIW, all of the movies are on an external 2TB drive that I have hooked up to the new computer via USB 3.0. I know this is probably an easy fix but ive been trying to figure it out and am not having any luck finding a fast/easy solution. On my previous computer I always just picked to open the .torrent files and didnt save them to a specific folder so im not sure if I have them or if they are just hidden but I can only seem to find 1/20th of the .torrent files that im trying to reengage. I really appreciate any help!!!!!! Thank you!!

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