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Multiple users on same PC


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Hello all

My wife and I have individual user accounts on our Windows 7 machine. I am trying to have a single uTorrent session accross both accounts so that if she adds a torrent, it will appear in my login and vice-versa.

From quite a bit of searching, I found that to do so, uTorrent needs to be self contained ie no %appdata%\utorrent files. I have done this and now we are sharing the same settings, but a torrent added in one account is still no showing in the other (the .torrent file is being saved to the uTorrent root directory). Everything I have read seems to indicate that this is all that is needed, yet I am not having much luck.

Have I missed something? Do I need to do something special with directories?

Thanks for your help




I just downgraded to and simply making uTorrent self contained was enough. Something changed in the newer versions?

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