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Torrents downloaded through magnet links don't appear in torrent list


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I recently updated my uTorrent to version 3.1.2. Since I learned how to use them I've been using magnet links to download torrents. In the previous versions they always appear in the list, even though I have not started dowloading them yet. But in this new version I noticed that the magnet linked torrents don't appear in the list until I start downloading them. Only then can you see the torrent in the list. I know I already have a solution, but I just wanted to know if there's a way to fix this.



In the second screenshot you can see that "Kelly Clarkson - Stronger" only appeared in the list when I put it at the top of the queue to start the download. I put it at the top of the queue by selecting all the visible torrents and pressing the "Move Down Queue" button, if you were wondering.

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