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Utorrent adding already added torrents


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Utorrent 3.1.2 build 26740.

When adding already added torrents it asks if you want to add trackers, but then adds the torrent as a download regardless if you select "Yes" or "No" as shown in this screenshot:

Note that they have the same #, which probably is the highest you can have.


You cannot remove these either. Will see what happens when the torrent actually finishes.

Edit: They are not removed when it finishes. But they are removed if you restart Utorrent.

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Did you add the torrent at startup or something, before all the torrents have loaded?

No, I did not add it at startup. My computer had been on for a few hours at least.

This only happened with magnet links.

But as of now, 3.1.2, this seems to be resolved.

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This bug is NOT solved in uTorrent 3.1.2 Build 26745 on win7 32-bit ultimate w/current service packs

The bug is replicated by clicking magnet links when uTorrent is NOT running.

I have uTorrent associated with magnet links. Here is how to reproduce:

* Make sure uTorrent is not running

* Click a magnet link in your browser

* uTorrents spawns and begins downloading

* click uTorrent link in browser and uTorrent advises that you are already downloading

* exit uTorrent

* click link in browser

* uTorrent spawns and creates a duplicate and begins downloading again. If the torrent was complete it may wipe out the previously finished file causing data loss.



Tested this bug with Chrome and Firefox and browser has no effect on the bug it seems

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spacedog, your bug is now fixed in 26749.

Testing it now and indeed it is!

I'm quite impressed with your bug resolution and identification.

Most of the time I'm used to fighting with devs on forums to even acknowledge a bug. Can you please tell those clowns over at Skype to take a page out of your book?

:D :D :D

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