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TorrentUploader (super simple remote uTorrent connector)


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I've created a super simple utility that associates itself with .torrent files and magnet links on a client PC (windows only right now) and simply uploads them to a uTorrent server via the Web API. This allows single click torrent downloading from any browser on my laptop without any add-ons and extensions OR having to manually login to the uTorrent WebGUI and downloading the torrent. I have found this setup very useful for my own torrenting needs, so I thought I'd share the love.

Crappy Project Page: http://www.saliences.com/projects/torrentuploader.html

GitHub source code: https://github.com/thegrandpoobah/TorrentUploader

Shout outs to CleverScape https://github.com/descention/Cleverscape.uTorrentClient.WebClient for the .NET API Wrapper.

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