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A summary of my upgrade from 2.x to 3.1.2


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I've been using v3.1.2 on Windows Vista (patched and updated) for a week or two now, and just wanted to summarise my experiences.

So first minor obstacle. Since I have the sidebar hidden, I was presented with the new "Featured Content" view, and was alarmed that I couldn't see any of my torrents. Remembered the sidebar thingy, selected the torrents view, and hid it again. No biggie, but maybe a more obvious link on the Featured Content view for those of us that hide the sidebar, to get back to the torrents.

OK, so lots of new columns. A bit peeved that my previous customisations of the columns were completely ignored. Some time spent re-doing everything to the way I like them. Thankfully stumbled upon the gui.use_fuzzy_dates = false setting in these forums, to restore the more sensible way to display dates. At a cursory glance there were no columns worth adding, more aimed at newbies. Again no real harm or foul, just a minor irritation for this upgrader. Might be something there after a more thorough examination.

So things going well, then my computer crashed, with 3 large torrents downloading. Couldn't get them restarted. Even the "Force Re-Check" didn't help. Sorry I didn't note down the exact details, but I ended up just deleting everything and starting again. Maybe you guys could test a simulated power cut, and see if downloading torrents are successfully restarted. I've had my computer crash with v2.x, and have been able to restart downloading torrents even without the "Force Re-Check".

Yesterday, I had a torrent hang at the 99% mark with the "Flushing to disk" status. I see others have reported this problem. So far, for me, this is just a 1 in a 100 occurrence. It was a large 1.5GB torrent, but then other large torrents downloaded without a problem. Resolved the problem by restarting utorrent 3 or 4 times. Each restart got a few more of the final pieces, before finally the whole thing was downloaded.

Another problem I've encountered a few times, is download speeds suddenly crashing from my usual 850 kB/s to about 10 kB/s. At first I thought it was maybe my ISP throttling at times they don't usually throttle. But then when it happened again today, I restarted utorrent, and hey presto, speeds went straight back up to 850 kB/s. So this makes me think it is a problem with uTorrent v3.1.2.

Have also found uTorrent continuously using 25% percent of my Intel 2 Quad CPU @ 2.50GHz. Have not discerned any pattern yet as to when this happens, but it is obviously excessive.

Hope that helps.

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