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uTorrent slowing Disk Rates and IOPS on a seedbox server


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i have been running a VPS/RDP service for quite sometime now (over a year)

however the problem i have been always having is I BELEIVE related to torrents SEEDING MOSTLY

my beleive is that torrents, or uTorrent in my case slows down every single aspect of disk transfer rates and disk rates and IOPS !

SO what do you think?

i have been always struggling with this issue and receiving complains from customers regarding disk rates, although in fact i am NOW running a new server with 11x HDD on RAID0 (i know its dangerous but i just had to resolve this issue a way or ANOTHER) !

YET those 11x HDD on raid0 barely provided an improvement in performance !

Is there any soluution or way to make uTorrent consume less Disk resources only ?

I see a lot of options in Preferences > Advanced, mant of them having "diskio" in them, but am unable to make sense out of them, any clues could that be of any help to change ??


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