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Performance issues since upgrading to Lion


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Hey all,

I might be chasing ghosts with this one but I figured this would be the place to ask around. I've just recently jumped from Leopard to Lion (i know) and I'm having trouble with utorrent. I never went to the trouble of configuring utorrent at the time, mainly because I wasn't sure what I was doing. Back on Leopard my download rate was fast (for my isp) and although my upload was slow I just left it as it was.

Now on Lion, I've set everything up, it's port forwarding nicely and I set the variables according to Switeck's chart here


. I'm still getting the same download rate but it takes forever to get going. Previously I would start up a torrent and within a minute it would be well connected and downloading as fast as it was able. However this time torrents are taking forever (up to 15 minutes) to get going and that's despite being instantly connected to a large amounts of seeders and on top of that, my upload has dropped off to nothing.

Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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