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Q. about uT Control VS Remote and uT Share


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Hello everybody.

I have a couple of questions about:

- uTorrent Control VS uTorrent Remote

- uTorrent Share

First of all, I really can't get where is the difference between the first two services. I mean, I understood their practical application, but why should I use uTorrent Control (which must be installed as I read here) if I can enable Remote support? Which are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Secondly, yes uTorrent Share. I thought it could be a good idea since 2.6 version of the uTorrent client. I said to myself "there can't be no really advantages in sharing a file with a couple of people instead of a couple thousand". But now I read this kind of sharing is Faster. How can it be? Does it mean that a friend may fine MORE convenient to download a file from me rather than from a torrent file? Is it because my file is uploaded on a server from which can be downloaded (it does no use of torrent protocol)?

How does it works?

Thanks. These things caught my curiosity

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