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Complete torrents start downloading again after move to new computer


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Recently I have bought a new laptop. I installed uTorrent and moved all the torrent files (the trackers?) to my new computer. All my downloads are on an external harddrive and I set uTorrent to find them there.

After opening uTorrent, most of my completed downloads (189 out of 240) were checked and recognized as complete, but the remaining 51 started to download all over again. In search of a solution I have already appointed them to the proper folder using (translated from Dutch) Extended > Set download location. This shouldn't even be necessary because it was already correct. After that I did a forced recheck, but they either stop or continue to dowload, while all the files seem to be complete in the download location.

Does anybody know what is going on and what I can do about this? Why do these 51 torrent behave differently from the rest?

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