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For future use: native and IPV6, DHT and magnetlinks


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I am currently testing an IPV6 implementation and am now at the stage where I am wondering about non critical IPV6 capable applications. uTorrent is one of those applications. It works just fine when the firewall is configured correcyly (incoming port added). When i download and start a torrent file i regularly see a few ipv6 peers. Works great!

Now with ipv4 disabeled I can see the same results with only the ipv6 peers when i download a torrent file with an ipv6 capable tracker(ofcourse).

But here is where it goes wrong. Starting a magnet link: the download never starts. DHT cannot find any nodes so it makes sence it cannot start.

Upon further examination when I run dual stack (both ipv4 and ipv6 enabled) I also never see any ipv6 peers when using magentlinks. (this could be a big coincidence with a 5 torrent test).

All i can read is "uTorrent is now IPV6 capable" but never to what extend. so my question. Should uTorrent be able to handle IPV6 when using magnetlinks? should my firewall accept more than just the incoming port? Or should i post a feature request/bug report?

Right now it is not a really big deal but it might with the current move to magnetlinks and more isp's implementing ipv6.

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Well, there's an IPv6 DHT spec, but it's not yet implemented, and we don't currently have a plan to do so.

For UDP trackers, a new spec needs to be created.

So there isn't currently anything to really beta test. :) As far as I know, we basically handle as much IPv6 as possible everywhere.

It might be worth testing to see if IPv6 works over SOCKS. But it's possible no SOCKS proxies actually support IPv6.

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