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Settings revert, and port open at times, not open at others.


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I've used uTorrent since it came out, but the frustration has me considering changing to another client. I have way too many nagging problems with it. For instance, I have been playing with the ports for the last hour, and the fact of the matter is, utorrent does not seem to know that this port is open (and it is) frequently I can test 5 times in a row and have it alternate from saying the port is open or closed. I have thoroughly checked my network, set up static IPs etc, and utorrent is failing in this pretty important area.

Secondly when making changes, I will often discover that utorrent has reverted to 1 active torrent, and I have to enter the settings again. This is frustrating.

I'm just wondering whether it's worth staying with utorrent.

Thanks for listening!

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