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uTorrent going slower through the days


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I first had a problem with uTorrent when my ISP reconnected their service after a problem on their part. It was weird first because uTorrent used to work well through my router (Belkin F7D301 v1) giving me around 300 KB/s, the max download speed I expect from my ISP. Then suddenly, it gave me 0 speed. I had to connect the downloading PC back to the modem directly - the other devices losing connection in the process. Then the speed went down to 100 KB/s, then 50. It's like there's a cap. I installed it again, and tested it using a torrent I'd expect to be downloaded full speed, and I could only download to 65 KB/s. And yeah, I'm using the latest version.

PS - does uTorrent show its download speed when it updates? Because when I started after the re-install, I was prompted to update to a new build, so I did, and I saw the downloads go up to 290 KB/s. I ran uTorrent and tested it, and it's just 65.

Sorry for the wall.

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