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Very Basic Questions But Can't Find Answers


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To get answers to the following question, I read most of sticky threads in utorrent forums and also tried Google. I wish if someone can just answer few basic questions.


I guess I just want to know why torrent with equal seeders and leechers are downloaded at different speeds. Some super fast and some extremely slow.

1) I am downloading two torrents from Demonoid. Both have 10 seeds and 2 peers. While one downloads at 50 kbps, the other just downloads at 2 - 3 kbps. Even if I keep this as the only active torrent, the speed does not increase. I want to understand why?

2) I have two torrents. I see there are five peers (all seeders) for both of them. While one connects with four or all five peers, the other one barely manages to connect with even one. Why does this happen? Is there any available method/software/setting that I can use to connect to these peers?

3) I am downloading a torrent. I have only one active peer, who is also a leecher. This guy gets an upload speed of 50 kbps from me and I get only 3-4 kbps. Why does this happen? We are on same connection.

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Simply put, the two different downloading speeds are related to the speed the other people uploading the torrent. One torrent may be offline, or have a 2kb upload speed, the other torrent may have a larger upload speed, plus the more seeders and peers, the faster the download speed.

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