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New uTorrent 3.12


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I have just downloaded the update for uTorrent, one thing I am missing is the date I downloaded a file, all I can find is completed on - this only says week, days and months of completion, not the actual date.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the date function

Many thanks,


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It used to be the first tab in the detailed info pane which is under the list of torrents, now it's the second, after the Files tab. You may have collapsed the info pane, if so, there's a small button with two chevrons pointing up in the lower right corner of the main view, just above the status bar. Click that to display the detailed info tabs.

BUT NEVER MIND THAT: I just found how you can change the list items to the date format. Simply go to Preferences->Advanced, then find the setting called gui.use_fuzzy_dates and set it to false. Done :-)

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