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Noob Seeks Hotspot Shield Advice On Using uTorrent


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Hi, Just say for imagination's sake that someone, not a milion miles from here, had downloaded the VPN Hotspot Shield and also the latest version of uTorrent onto their laptop. Then one day they thought, hey maybe, for educational purposes only, I will go get a Magnet Link for that movie, so they first launch the VPN on their computer, go to the Pirate Bay,click on the link and hey soon enough download starts, although seems to take like forever with VPN. However as they sit back supping a damn fine cofffee from Costa Rica some doubts enter their thoughts...am I doing this right? what's the best way to use Hotspot Shield to download Magnet links onto uTorrent yet maximise anonymity?

Can anyone please advise on this, is this method offering some protection? Welcome your help. :)

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