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seeding goal met... keeps seeding at full speed


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Here's the issue...under options>preferences> queuing; I tick the box "limit upload rate to__" and then enter "0" for stop. Most of the time the torrents will stop at this predetermined goal but occasionally it will blow right past the goal and continue until I notice it and have stop it manually.

This can be a big problem when your seeding at over 350kB/s all night. ...... After setting seeding goal to 120 - 150 percent I prefer seeding to stop completely. One reason is my Comcrap monthly 250GB cap.

This has happened on every version I've used from 3.0.xxxx to current stable 3.1.2 buildxxxxx

Is this a bug, a setting I missed or WHAT? ... appreciate any help in advance...

Thanks..... Rush

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I'm a bit of a noob at this, but I just thought I'd clarify something: have you checked

1) that the option "override default settings" isn't activated on the affected torrents (by right-clicking the torrent and choosing Properties)?

2) that the torrent is not in the Force Start mode (an F in brackets will appear in the status column if it is)? Force Started torrents ignore seeding goals.

3) that the scheduler (preferences->scheduler) isn't interfering?

With this information provided, perhaps the experts will get a better view of your problem and be able to help more quickly.

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