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Virus check changed? How to run it now?


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Hello--I used to right click on an item to have it checked for viruses. It looks like that feature has diasppeared. I see "antivirus" as a column however I can't find any way to run it. I can't find any reference to it in HELP or FAQs except to say to select and select virus check in the toolbar. I have nothing in my toolbars or menus for it, and seemingly no way to activate it.

What am I missing? I liked having everything scanned through utorrent after it is on my computer.

thanks in advance!

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I have exactly the same problem. I have always had Virus Guard installed, but when all these new "stable" versions were downloaded and my utorrent was fully updated, Virus guard is no longer "available".

It shows as an installed app on the sidebar, but the icon on the utorrent tool bar is now missing and right clicking on a track shows that the "Scan for viruses" option is greyed out. By clicking on the App link in the sidebar, I get another Virus Guard screen on which none of the buttons do anything.

I have checked all of the preferences and can find no help. I have been to BitDefenders site and tried to download a new version of VirusGuard but I have had no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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:| hello I have the same problem , the virus scan add on is still there, on the left plane but cannot use it or turn it on? I'm not sure if this could this be a trial use only ( 30 Day ) which has run out ? and now we have to pay to use it ?

I didn't read this add on was a trial ! So if so does anyone know of a free add on virus scanner that integrates with uTorrent ?

latest "Firefox" scan the torrent, as it's downloaded, but not the DATA .......I've been right click "open the folder containing" right click the highlight data file, and click scan with Microsoft security essential or what ever your virus scanner is!

Any idea's


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As far as I was aware the Virus scan was not a "Free Trial" I have been using it for some considerable time. I know that there are workarounds, using other Virus checking programs but this was convenient and worked fine, linked in to uTorrent and immediately available without having to open up more windows. I am disappointed that it now appears to be defunct.

I am also disappointed that no one on this forum has come up with a appropriate answer. There seem to be plenty of intelligent people on the forum, but nobody can respond with a simple answer to a valid question.

Maybe someday ................................

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