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µTorrent 3.1.2 Error: Not Enough storage is available.....


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after my pc as been on for like 22~24hours i get this error it started to come like a month ago and i reinstalled it 6days ago and it hasn't help and i got 625gb and 570gb free space on my drives i use for µtorrent and my Intel X25-M got 28,5gb free space left.

i am getting this error:


and when i test with Intel SSD Toolbox it just stops like this:


and i need to reboot when i do that everything works again and i can complete SSD Optimizer, Quick and Full Diagnostic Scan:

th_IntelSSDToolboxIntelSSDOptimizer.jpg th_IntelSSDToolboxQuickDiagnosticScan.jpg th_IntelSSDToolboxFullDiagnosticScan.jpg

i run a full updated Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and i have seen ppl on 64bit also got these problems.

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