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Upload Speed Difficulty


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I imagine this question has been posted quite a few times, but I've been through the forums and not found any solutions to my specific problem.

My issue is thus: My ISP (Eastlink, in Northern Ontario) provides with my subscribed service a upload cap of 1.0Mbps. Testing with speedtest.net reports a maximum upload rate of 0.95Mbps, close enough that I'm not concerned. Theoretically, if my math is right, this translates to a maximum upload speed in kilobytes/second of 118.75KBps.

However, at most with utorrent, at any point in the past few months I've been paying attention to it, have I seen it exceed 30KBps.

I get my internet through a coaxial cable landline, which passes through a router/modem provided by my ISP, into my own personal router (D-Link DIR655v1, FW1.35NA). There is and have only ever been three devices connected to this router, an older computer which I use as a file server, a gaming computer, and a laptop.

The laptop is rarely on, and I don't believe it could be part of the problem. The gaming computer is on most of the time, and set to the routers DMZ, but is to my knowledge not uploading anything with any consistency, and utorrent is not installed at all.

The fileserver is the machine that utorrent is installed on and seeding from. Port-forwarding is configured correctly in the router, as per instructions located elsewhere on the internet. The firewall on the computer (running Windows Server 2008R2) is configured to allow both incoming connections and outgoing connections to the utorrent.exe, on all ports, and I don't believe it to be a problem. There is no other software installed on the machine to regulate internet traffic, aside from whatever's built into windows.

Within uTorrent, UPnP port mapping is enabled, NAT-PMP port mapping is enabled, and the Windows firewall exception is enabled. Unlimited upload/download bandwidth is enabled, there is no rate limiting, or transfer caps. The global maximum # of connections is 150, the maximum number of connected peers per torrent is 30, and the number of upload slots per torrent is set to 5. If there are other relevant settings that have any bearing on upload speed, I'm unaware of them.

So my question is this: Why is my upload speed capped at 1/3 my theoretical maximum, when I've tested it at higher upload speeds?

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