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"Former volume not mounted" error IN LINUX


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I only see this error message discussed in the windows and mac sections in terms of USB drives being called by different letters at each boot. This is NOT the problem. I am using only INTERNAL drives -- one IDE drive to do the downloading, with SATA drives mounted in subdirectories of the IDE drive to store the downloaded material.

I receive this message even with a totally clean install of utorrent -- which I have done several times today.

Anybody know what's wrong?

And for bonus points -- does it matter if I choose ETH0 or ETH1 and if so, how do I tell utorrent about it?


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Here's the fstab:

dev/disk/by-label/BOOT / ext4 defaults 1 1

/dev/sdc1 /samba.ok/ ext4 defaults 1 2

/dev/sdb1 /samba.ok/VIDEO ext4 defaults 1 3

/dev/sdd1 /samba.ok/EXTRA ext4 defaults 1 4


I want utorrent to start the download in /samba.ok, and when it's finished move it to /samba.ok/finished (on sdc1). /dev/disk/by-label/BOOT happens to be /dev/sda1. On some machines, when you add extra drives the IDE drive gets pushed to the bottom.

samba.ok USED to be /dev/sdb1.

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