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Upgraded to ver 3.1.2....now cannot pick individual files to download.


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So I made the mistake of upgrading (Everytime I upgrade Utorrent, I run into problems)

The issue I have now is......If I download a torrent, I no longer have the option of being able to pick and choose files IN that torrent to download. For example, if I wanted to download one album, from a torrent that has the entire catalog of an artist, in the past I was given the option of clicking what I wanted, and only that being downloaded.

Now my torrent goes straight to downloading, giving me no chance to pick individual parts of that torrent. This can be a pretty big hassle if a torrent is 3 gigs large....and I only need 300 MB of it.

Is there some way to set up this version of Utorrent to let me pick my individual files again? I know its got to be a simple thing, but I cannot figure it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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