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Server won't put files in secondary drive


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I have a secondary 2TB drive on my box that is just for storing torrents (downloaded programs, movies, TV shows, and the like)

Its mount point is /media/secondary . In my utserver.conf, I specified dir_active: "/media/secondary"

However, the server still puts the torrented files in the same directory as the executable. This is a 16GB SATA flash module that holds the root directory. Some of these multi-season torrents of TV shows are huge. I can't possibly store those plus the OS on this tiny flash module, even temporarily. It's only intended to house the OS and any executable programs.

I'm running Zentyal 2.2, aka Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS.

I checked my permissions, rwx across the board, plus I set my primary admin user (not root) as the owner of the drive's mountpoint.

Is the syntax wrong on the conf file? The path I specified should be relative to root.

Please advise,


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