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Optimize start seed/download


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i've notice a problem with the latest version with download and upload cold start.. Now when i'm adding some torrent download and up speed up slowly why is that? Can i boost that and how? Is there any link with disk cache ? If you have a lot of torrents and in the moment you're check a new torrent has a big delay time before torrent reach the maximum speed this process is so slow.. but if all torrents are stopped the process is fast this is the thing that i want to improve! Also when you're add a new torrent for download has a delay time before the client realize where has to connect and raise the speed! I just want faster connect to the others and fast speed up.


i've got a 100/100 Mbps

Intel Quad Core 9450

4 GB ram

WD Caviar Black Sata III 64 MB cache

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