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3.1.2 'Error, can't open torrent'


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I did try searching on this but couldn't see it listed as a fault under the latest upgrade. The 3.1.2 utorrent is giving me 'error can't open torrent' on some (and only some) uploading torrents, and only after closing and then re-opening utorrent. I know the usual procedure for telling where utorrent needs to look for a downloaded file so that it can upload it. The problem is if I tell it to look in the specified location it will simply say 'No files match your search' (the files are, of course, actually there) The strange thing is it only does this for some files and not all, and apparently completely randomly. Files which I download the same day will upload fine and others will say 'Error, cannot open torrent'. If utorrent will not recognise where a file is, and I cannot help it find it so that it can continue the upload, then I really don't know how to get round this. Any ideas?

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