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Open Torrent changes?


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I've recently tried updating to 2.0.2 (from 1.5.11) in an attempt to fix a problem (which didn't work, haha, oh well), and am encountering something frustrating.

Previously, when I added a torrent file, the dialog kept the most recently used Label, and also my Path displayed/not-displayed preference. Almost nothing is ever in Path, so it's just taking up space for no benefit, so I turn that off right away. And I often add multiple torrents with the same label at the same time. So the old interface worked great.

Now, path is on every time, and nothing is in the Label area. So I have to re-select the proper label every time. It's so pointlessly time-consuming, grrr.

I rolled back to 1.5.14, and the Open Torrent dialog was already changed by then, so somewhere between 1.5.11 and 1.5.14, it was changed. I'm going back to 1.5.11 for the time being.

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