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WARNING: possibly insufficient sources-nothing will download help!

ms olive oil

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I haven't had this problem before. I tried to download same way I always do and nothing would start. I wasn't getting any error messages or anything. I downloaded Bittorrent to see if maybe it would work in there. Under the file name in the status bar it says warning possibly insufficient sources. It's saying this with every torrent. i have no idea what to do. Please help!

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We are having the same exact same problem. Sounds like it started the exact same time as yours too. Followed advice of some other forums and uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted settings.dat files, checked firewall etc. nothing helped. Didn't change any PC settings or programs between the time it worked and when it didn't work. Could this be an ISP firewall? We are on Voo.

UPDATE: checked the "Trackers" tab and ALL the https are showing the error message "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions"

This no matter the torrent or where it is downloaded from.

UPDATE + FIX: Followed this thread http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=100116 and it worked!

For ease of reference, quoted below:

hey guys and girls

had the same trouble here on bittorent on win 7

got it fine working again by simply going to inbound rules of the firewall and disable the bittorent udp and tcp rules and enable them again

simple fast and it works

try it out

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at the bottom right corner of your utorrent there's an icon which tells u whether your network connection is functioning well or not. Whenever its green it means you are well connect, but when its orange...you are probably going to get the insufficient sources message....to fix this...click on the icon or go to preferences>setup guide and run tests...or try to disconnect your internet connection then re-connect.

hope it helps...

yours helpfully

lucky Masegela


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