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Ready to "FLUSH" the whole program (build 26763)


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WTF are all these new builds for if you can't fix THE number 1 problem with the program, "caching issues" .... it's all over the forum. Every new build, seems like 3-4 per week does jack squat to even address this issue. Quit working on the RSS feed stuff and fix this .... cause myself and a few thousand other people are fed up.

Just updated your newest flavor 26763... downloading at 2.2 MB/s and sure enough here we go again, torrent #1 goes to complete BUT only 98.7% files finished status (1.3%) forever to be stuck in cache.... and that damn [flushing to disk forever] pops up.

I'm ready to change to a new client... if an administrator could at least tell it's vast audience that their working on it and are AWARE of the problem, maybe that would keep us around a little longer. Every forum thread I've read, the admin is either giving the usual (yup might be a caching issue with your setting) Bull Shihite. THERE ARE NO SETTINGS THAT "FIX" THIS PROBLEM..... PERIOD. I've read page after page of frustrated users chasing what they believe is just a TWEAK to a couple settings. I'TS the program... quit releasing new builds which are useless.

That being said, can someone suggest a previous version which they use with a 10/100 cable connection... that is stable ? maybe 2.0.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Gonna check out Azeurus/Vuse in the meantime.

Rush..... :o

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Downloaded lastest version utorrent, have 19 torrents re seeding, no coloum to tell me how much has reseed so dont know which torrent are earning points with my host so I can download more. All torrents are randomly moving up and down making it impossible to "grab one" to open or other necessary task, disappointed any help gratfully recieved.


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