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Magnet link problem


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I'm new here and I hope you can help me. This is maybe the fifth time when I face this problem. Here is exactly what I do :

1. Download a torrent (from the tracker A)

2. Unrar the movie (to the desktop)

3. Create new torrent via uTorrent (the new torrent contains "1.avi" for example)

4. Transfer this torrent to my PC (only the .torrent, no the "1.avi" file)

5. Upload the torrent to another tracker (tracker B)

6. Copy the magnet link (from tracker B)

7. Open the magnet link from the seedbox - And here's the problem. Usually, if everything is OK, uTorrent should make a hash check and then it will start seeding, but apparently that's not what is going on. uTorrent IS starting to download the file again when the file is on the desktop. I have absolutely no idea why is this happening.


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