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Bug: uT 3.1.2: old completed torrent listed under 'downloading'


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Win 7 x64 - uT 3.1.2 build 26763

Have about 1325 completed torrents, a few of them still seeding.

Last week was downloading a few torrents when suddenly (not sure but maybe after installing a previous stable build of uT 3.2.1) uT showed an 'old' completed and inactive torrent in the downloading torrents list, but with an error status: Error: cannot open .torrent file: {filename}.

Which is strange since this file is residing in my completed and incative torrent base for a few years. Never had a problem with it before. The .torrent file is still there for sure. So something changed. And may have resolved something, but introduced this issue.

The active torrents completed and disappeared from the downloading torrents list, but the erroneous old torrent is still showing on the downloading list, but of course still very inactive.

Why is this torrent that has an error status shown in downloading? Maybe because status is unknown and then it must be active?? But ok, this maybe a safe policy, so let's not focus on this.

What I did notice is that specifically this torrent name contains a diacritical character (é). While at the same time the .torrent FILE name is not showing this diacritical character, which may have been corrected recently. I tried to change the .torrent file name to also show the é character but that didnt do the trick.

Maybe others have similar experiences like this.

Pls resolve. Should be a jiffy. :-)

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