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It seems like you've mistaken what a torrent exactly is.

A torrent isn't a compression format or algorithm or method or anything, nor is it some kind of magical storage device on the internet.

It's a list of trackers, who keep track of all people (peers) who are interested in a particular data (the shared data) and of all people who have that data (seeds) and are currently online and connected to said trackers.

So unlike both of your computers are online and have the same torrent active at the same time, there's no way you can transfer the data using torrents.

You might want to use a real compression software like 7zip, or a real file hoster like mediafire instead.

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A torrent file is a meta-data file, containing a description of the data and the check sums of the data blocks.

It is not the data itself. That you have to share from your PC.

The difference between a meta-data file and the actual data, is the same difference you will find in a library between the index card for a book, and the book itself.

The first merely describes and points to the latter.

Thanks goes to someone for that excellent description. I forget where I found it.

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