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Improvement of streaming function


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Current status: i download *.avi file and there is button "Streaming", when I click it, torrent starts buffering the file and when it loads lets say first 10% of video and then it offerres button "Play", when i click it video doesnt play due my wrong internal codecs which is not really uTorrent's developers problem and there is even special topic for this but this is they way i would wish it:

There would be few new options possible to set as

-enabling sequentional downloading as default

-playing media files with program associated with file type not just by default media player

In reality the most convenient way would be:

-When I start downloading media file (for example porn1.avi) there will appear button "Stream" as it does now, with one difference that after clicking the button whole downloading would switch to sequentional mode meaning uTorrent would download file from start to end (as does browser downloads file) create new file porn1.avi.part and start filling from beggining to the end (when i currently use streaming button it loads first 10% of file and then continues random part downloading making it impossible to watch-while-downloading)

-After clicking "Stream" button will change to "Play" as it does now but after clicking play it would start the program associated in windows with media files (in my case for .avi it would start product called GOM player) not like i dont like your player but it doesnt play any of the files in my case and i doubt it support subtitles and all functions which fancy players like this provides (subtitle shifting, audio sync etc...)

This player i use is great in that way it actually shows how much of file is currently loaded (just like i can see how much of video is loaded while playing something in browser on youtube).

If I put into my player whole file porn1.avi it starts to play but it shuts down when reaching point where file is not loaded yet (in this case at 11th %) because whole file seems be completed (is having full size) and player doesnt expect that it is incomplete thats why new porn1.avi.part file would have to be created to player to see how much is completed

So if you make my player with my torrent client synchronised so i could just click "download torrent" and then after few seconds of buffering start watching without interruption full satisfaction would be reached within my virtual soul.

If descrption of this "feature" or "fix" isnt understandable please say so, i will make it simpler and with pictures.

Sorry in case all those functions is already implemented and only i was not able to use it. Thanks in advance for any response, keep up the good work.


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