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Slow dl/ul


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Am sorry for my english its not my birth language.

Anyway before 3.1.2 version of torrent i had no problems with download or upload. I had everything perfectly set for. I dl about 3mbil and up about 400kB i guess (i know i have low ul)

But now my download is never higher that 100kB same ul is totally low.

When i open Setup guide it shows me i had close port. Somehow i google how to open my port on belkin N+

and now is port open and connection is ok but still there is slow dl. I also set my dl on 20000kB and ul about 350kB. Global max. num. of connection is 250 / peer torrent 100 and slot per torrent is 8.

i add windown firewall exception i enable UPnP , NAT-PMP.

Queueing : Max. num. of active torrent is 7 Max. num. of active download is 7 , minimum ratio i have on 85% am not sure if its good , minimum seeding time is 20 / available seed 20 ,

I dont want to bother anybody here with this post here , before i was try find something on internet and i try anything i find but nothing help and i still cant dl faster than 100kB ...

Am sad panda... THX for any post or suggestion.

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