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I love uTorrent, but the new UI sucks...


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I am a total newbie to forums, but needed to say something and don't know where I am supposed to do this. I truly apologize for putting this post where I am sure it does not belong. Please do not hate me!

I love uTorrent, have used it for years. I seed much more than I download. But I have the new version 3.1.2 and it keeps asking me to download a new stable version (which is the same version that I have downloaded already!)

Also, the new user interface just plain sucks. I like the old one,where I could see the added on, downloaded on, seeder, leechers, ratio, etc. That has gone and I want it back!

Please help me, any ideas?

Again, sorry if I have not posted this in the appropriate place.

Thanks for your help

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True, but there is one REALLY annoying part: When it comes to date columns they show "1 week ago", "1 month ago" etc when I want EXACT dates like they used to show, not this approximation which is completely useless. Since I'm aware of which date it actually is today (well duh) I can work that out on my own without having the program telling me, but this way I don't know if a torrent is 30 or 45 days old. It will just say "1 month old".

Is there any way to change that?

Oh and yeah, it's kinda annoying being asked to download the same "stable" version again every time, especially when they new version is far from stable and crashes atleast once every day.

I don't recall the program EVER crashing during all the years I've been using it.

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