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2 problems, version 3.1.2 (CPU usage and bandwidth usage)


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Hi, My version is 3.1.2 build 26773


I'm noticed in the newer version that my cpu usage jumped from 5-15% to 30-60%. If I want to do anything else it's very slow. Browsing and using any other programs. If I pause all jobs, the cpu usage goes down to 10-30%, but it's still too much for doing "nothing" just "checking connections".

If I stop every torrent jobs, it goes down to 2-10%. I don't really know how the program works, but for doing nothing 7% is bit too much.


Basically the my bandwidth is used up by something within the program. Because while in idle (stopped)

my upload is 2.7 kB/s, and download is 5.1??? for what. If it's paused, it on u: 25 and d: 10, and it doesn't change over time, almost constant. I don't have much bandwidth, but I don't really like the idea, that some kind of communication is taking away 1/3 of my speed.

This is problem came up a few months ago, but the cpu usage is a week old.

I don't know if my computer is having a bad time using the version, but I don't know.

Some specs:

ASUS K8N mainboard with socket 764 Athlon XP 64 3200+, 1,5 GB ram, more that enough HDD space.

Windows XP 64bit system.

Any idea??? Maybe my utorrent settings are bad. I don't know. I read around the forums, but I didn't find any useful things. Or none changed anything.

Yours Nebolah

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Thanks for the quick reply!

it seems, that I was just paranoid for the 1st problem, because it's working OK now.

I don't now what that was...

2nd one: Usually I'm running about 100 torrents.

when I wrote paused, I meant I pause the whole utorrent from the system tray icon.

when I wrote stop, I stopped all of then. None is running.

In the past when I paused all, for a while it would still be running/using some, but later it lowered,

as it says in the FAQ as well. But not recently in the newer versions.

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