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CPU crashed....maintain old share ratio in transfer


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Hi folks,

My cpu(and possibly my motherboard) died recently due to overheating. Since then I've bought a new system but need to transfer my old torrents and share ratio from the old computer to the new one. I had a share ratio of over 8. Is there any way to do this since I still have utorrent from my old hard disks but cant use them in the new computer since it is SATA only and my disks were IDE. I tried a SATA/IDE converter but it didnt work. I've given the disks to a data retrieval service and they said they can give me all my old data back after a week but on a new SATA disk under a different OS. Also will it matter if the version is different between utorrent 2 or 3? I will be using the latest version on the new computer but im not sure if its the same version as the old computer. Also, will utorrent recognize the torrents and related data if I maintain their original directions or will I have to use Force recheck on each torrent? Please advise...



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