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Need to seed my own torrent


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I need ur help !!

I wanted to format my HDD so i

made a torrent containing all my

important documents. Then instead of seeding

the torrent i copied it to flash and formatted the HDD

now i dont have that data but i want to download that

data via Utorrent but when i start downloading

the speed is 0 kbps cox there is no seeder so

Please Please guide me how to download that very

very important data ???? Reply soon i m too worried its urgent !!

Any help would be appreciated


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A torrent file is a meta-data file, containing a description of the data and the check sums of the data blocks.

It is not the data itself. That you have to share from your PC.

The difference between a meta-data file and the actual data, is the same difference you will find in a library between the index card for a book, and the book itself.

The first merely describes and points to the latter.

Edit: Thanks goes to someone for that excellent description. I forget where I found it.

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It's just like WLS said, if you didn't seed to data at least once before formatting your disk, then there can't ever be a seeder to seed it back to you, so the torrent is dead forever.

If that data really is that important to you, and you still have the disk (you didn't sell it), then the only solution, would be to find some sort of "data recovery corporation" to retrieve the data from your HDD.

Doing so is extremely expensive however, and can cost several thousands of dollars, if not more.

Basically, what they do is: disassemble the disc and scan for traces of magnetic fields from before the formatting process. As long as you didn't use the "safe formatting" process, which overwrites the entire disc with random data, making it difficult to identify the real data from the wrong one, you should be able to recover your files.

Sorry if I can't be any more of help, but you should have done a little bit more research on your end before taking such a decision (why on earth didn't you burn a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray instead? Or used a USB memory stick?)

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